Monday, September 22, 2008

3Scrapateers ScatterZ Challenge Screwup...

I did a challenge for 3Scrappateers ScatterZ challenge only to notice afterward that I had to use their kit. I hadn't noticed the "only use their kits" thing until it was too late. I do not own any of their kits yet anyhow but I made this cute layout. I will post it here for my friends to see. I used my Kimberly.3D Monkey Love kit. This kit is not available but will be shortly. This is my son Christian and he was playing with our Guinea Pig named Frankenstein. Do not ask why my kids named him that, I really don't know. I call him Frankie. Here is what I made.
This is my kit which I should be releasing any time now. It was inspired by a nice girl in a group I belong to. She wanted someone to make a kit out of her fabric swatches.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to our future store blog.

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I am creating this blog to celebrate my up and coming store called Sugar Plum Scraps. I am excited to entertain the idea of a store with multiple artists work.

If you are interested in joining me please send me an email to